Yellow Beeswax Pillar

Yellow Beeswax Pillar

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Sunshine on a rainy day….yellow is that happy, bright colour that instantly makes you smile. It’s a wonderful colour for self empowerment and is connected to the Solar Plexus chakra. Yellow is wonderful for confidence, attraction and charm, it helps the memory and can help break those mental blocks that seem to have you staying in one place – try this candle with my 'Blockbuster oil' and watch those obstacles crumble. Use yellow to persuade someone to your way of thinking; especially if you are trying to put yourself out there and get noticed. Yellow is also great for Solar magic and for Crown of Success and Better Business works as well.

The beeswax pillars are handcrafted using locally sourced beeswax The candles measure 14.5cm long, are 3.7cm in diameter and have a burn time of approximately 12 - 14hrs.

Always make sure you never leave your candles unattended.

Please allow for some flaws in the candles as they are handmade by me so will not be as perfect as they would be from a factory. All candles are made to order and take 24hrs to cure.

Colour may vary from picture slightly.