Blessed Be Key Organiser
Blessed Be Key Organiser

Blessed Be Key Organiser

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By herb and earth this spell is cast
Let no negativity enter here
Let no harm befall those who reside
Let only peace reign within these walls
And so it is

The vial contains a blend of elements of the earth to ground your home in protective energies and keep anything that may intend you harm away. Quartz crystal amplifies the energy of the elements around it, salt is very protective and purifying and the herbal blend is made of ingredients known for their strong protective properties.

Protection Vial prepared by The Country Witch's Cottage

The key and lock represent security - the physical and spiritual locking down of your space. The Pentagram is a powerful symbol all it's own. It is the Elements, your personal power and brings all of this together to ground and protect your property.

This key organiser is carved in beautiful wood* & measures approx 300 x 200mm. Hand finished, painted and ready to hang.

*Type of wood will depend on stock at the time