Who is the Country Witch?

Witch, Seer, Herbalist, Writer and all round hermitess with a passion for cats, books, tarot, herbs and late mornings.

Welcome to The Country Witch’s Cottage; my little witchy corner of the world. I grew up in the countryside, the middle of farming country in an old stone cottage with a big oak growing right outside my kitchen window. I know, sounds like a story right? I’m not kidding, I really did and although in the past 18 months I have moved away from the family cottage (which I return to often) I still live in the country – just in a larger town. I do miss the country though; I’m a quiet, small town girl at heart.

I’ve been traversing the twisted green path of the witch for many many years now; my Craft has always been fairly organic, fluid and intuitive; being a hedgewitch I hold to no set tradition or rules but create my own as I work and grow. Herbs are my passion, my love and my life. I am a herbalist, writer and witch; I am a wortcunner and wisewoman and I embrace both healing and baneful herbs.

My path is that of the Green. The grass underneath my feet, the herbs I grow in my garden, the flowers blooming with scent, the Oak – old and wise – this is my temple, this is my place. I was raised, and still remain, in the country. It is the harsh, wild landscape of my life, both unforgiving yet nurturing, showing the complexities of the seasons and the stages of life cycles from the first greening of the land to the eventual decay as the cycle turns once more.

I have had my works published in Witches & Pagans Magazine #30 and #37, the Australian Pagan Magazine (regular contributor) and The Crooked Path Journal as well as blogging on The Country Witch's Cottage and online articles. Most recently I was part of a group of authors who contributed to a 2021 planner: Witches' Planner 2021: A Wheel of the Year Grimoire and the follow up for 2022.

I walk my path every day; it is my passion, my work, my spirit. I craft in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and potency. I try to craft in the traditional ways creating items using old methods and practices, using organic or wildcrafted herbs.

I’m what is referred to as claircognisant and I am also an empath. I think this is what allows me to read cards well. I wouldn’t say I am “psychic” in the traditional sense of the word but I’m very intuitive and I channel this through reading tarot and oracle cards (do not ask how many I have; my collection is getting a little out of hand).

So welcome to The Country Witch’s Cottage. Take a seat, put your feet up and have a look around; if you want to have more of a nosey around head on over to my Instagram or Facebook page to see the plethora of garden photos that I love to share.

Green & Wild Blessings


The Country Witch