Beeswax Pillar Candles

Beeswax Pillar Candles

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Candles are one of the oldest forms of magic there is; it is pure energy, and it is one of the fastest working types of magic. Candles are excellent tool to focus your will and intent – not to mention being fire magic and fire magic is a powerful energy all on its own and will manifest results faster. It is a very powerful form of sympathetic magic; candles have been used as a tool by folk magic practitioners for quite a long time. They had found by using personal power and visualisation, candles help increase a spell's power.

The beeswax pillars are handcrafted using locally sourced beeswax The candles measure 14.5cm long, are 3.7cm in diameter and have a burn time of approximately 12 - 14hrs each.

Always make sure you never leave your candles unattended.

Please allow for some flaws in the candles as they are handmade by me so will not be as perfect as they would be from a factory. All candles are made to order and take 24hrs to cure.

Colours may vary from picture slightly.

BlueΒ - is a soothing colour, it heals the hurts and creates a tranquil, peaceful energy. Use in workings for health, healing, communication (associated with the Throat chakra) and Spirit energy. Blue is very tied to the emotions and our emotional state. Use for workings involving wisdom, the truth, blocked communication and creativity.

Black - can absorb negativity and is good for getting rid of it as well as banishing and uncrossing work followed by protective works. It is used in hexing and cursing and is a very effective colour for doing those works. It is also incredibly good for meditation; black is a colour that can center the mind and focus it while you enter trance state or simply work with the candle flame in divination.

Pink - Matters of the heart. It encourages love, friendship, romantic love, affection, partnerships and the caring and nurturing of the heart and spirit. It is also a wonderful colour for healing – especially emotional healing and healing of the heart. It can also represent innocent love, the innocent heart and something new and sweet blooming.

Purple - Spirit, personal power, outward power, seeking success, psychic ability, the third eye and divination rites as well as working on hidden knowledge and adding a boost to your spiritual power. It’s also a wonderful colour for protection, healing and relates to the Crown chakra.

Brown - is great for home and hearth magic as well as workings involving animals. It is a great candle for increasing stability in the home, including financial stability as well as stability involving material things (it can also be used to protect the home). It is great for grounding work, creating balance and for focusing the mind.

Red - Passion, lust, willpower, energy and movement; it can boost your confidence, courage and energy levels. It is the colour of hot emotions like anger and lust, the colour of blood, revenge and the sexual passion. Associated with the Root chakra, red is also very healing. Use red to increase magnetism, boost courage, have your goals manifest that little bit faster, for lusty, sexy workings.

Yellow - Self empowerment, the Solar Plexus chakra. Yellow is wonderful for confidence, attraction and charm, it helps the memory and can help break those mental blocks that seem to have you staying in one place Yellow is also great for Solar magic and for Crown of Success and Better Business works as well.

Green - the colour of abundance, of prosperity, of money, Earth, Mother Nature and of fertility. It works for you when you are feeing ambitious, it brings luck, success, growth, stability and rejuvenation. Green is a fantastic all round power colour – it is also related to the Heart chakra so can be used in matters surrounding the heart – especially ones that need to be grounded or made stable.

Orange - Fantastic for working in areas where you need to be noticed; it can bring new opportunities into your life, open up roads, creativity and self expression. It is all about stimulating energy and getting things moving - it is also fantastic for Sacral chakra work, general success, legal matters and justice.