Celtic Cross Spread

Celtic Cross Spread

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The Celtic Cross (10 card) is perhaps one of the most widely used spreads in tarot today. It is somewhat complex but is used to give an overall and detailed overview of your situation. Can be used for either a specific question or general reading.

The Celtic Cross has 10 Cards and the reading will be about 2000 – 2500 words.

I have multiple tarot and oracle decks available; I will provide you with a list so you can select the deck that feel s like it might fit – or otherwise I am quite happy to go with whichever deck feels intuitively right for your reading.

When you purchase a tarot reading, I will need your name, location and question. Please make your question somewhat detailed, I don’t need absolute specifics but a general overview of your situation helps with the reading and makes things much clearer when reading the cards.

I will most often get back to you within 48 – 72hrs. Readings will be done in order of purchase and will be emailed to you when completed. Each reading comes in a pdf file with a photo of the reading.

Although I have faith in the cards and my ability to read them I must add a disclaimer: Tarot and Oracle readings are for entertainment purposes only. The readings themselves and the advice given in the readings should not be used to replace medical, legal, psychological or any other professional advice or treatment. The readings performed are not guaranteed and the reading or reader cannot be held responsible for any actions the querant makes after the reading. Tarot offers guidance, insight but at any moment the future can be altered by actions taken or decisions made so while specificity can be initially provided, it is subject to change. By participating in my readings you are acknowledging your understanding and acceptance of the above statement.