Green Beeswax Pillar

Green Beeswax Pillar

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Green almost barely needs no introduction the uses of it are so well known but nonetheless green is the colour of abundance, of prosperity, of money. It is the colour that positively screams abundance – when you think of the country you think of lush, green, abundant fields – of towering green forests that hold the wisdom of the ages within them. Green channels this energy; green is the colour of Earth, of Mother Nature and of fertility. It works for you when you are feeing ambitious, it brings luck, success, growth, stability and rejuvenation. Green is a fantastic all round power colour – it is also related to the Heart chakra so can be used in matters surrounding the heart – especially ones that need to be grounded or made stable. 

The beeswax pillars are handcrafted using locally sourced beeswax The candles measure 14.5cm long, are 3.7cm in diameter and have a burn time of approximately 12 - 14hrs.

Always make sure you never leave your candles unattended.

Please allow for some flaws in the candles as they are handmade by me so will not be as perfect as they would be from a factory. All candles are made to order and take 24hrs to cure.

Colour may vary from picture slightly.