Kyphi Incense - Handcrafted
Kyphi Incense - Handcrafted

Kyphi Incense - Handcrafted

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5 bricks

This delectable handcrafted incense is based from a recipe of the Ancient Egyptian Kyphi, a temple incense revered and used throughout this country in ancient times. Used to venerate their Gods, this incense would take time to make.

I use organic and wildcrafted herbs and ingredients to truly honour the tradition and spirit of Kyphi making. Use this incense to work with Egyptian Deities, create a Temple atmosphere or to venerate Ancestors. It is a flexible incense and can be used simply to enjoy and connect with the Spirit.

My recipe is inspired by the recipes of Ancient Egypt with added touches that are uniquely my own. It is made from all natural ingredients (herbs, resins, fruit, wine and honey) and has no filler ingredients whatsoever! It's going to be a limited run for now (time allowing for more in the future) and it often sells out fast so put your order in now!

To use this incense, place on a lit charcoal tablet. Let the scent permeate your mind and help your spirit and self move beyond this earthly plane and into another realm. You don’t have to use the whole brick, simply break off what you need to use at the time. Keep it stored well and it will last for ages. Kyphi also gets better as it ages so it will smell stronger each time you use it.

Not for consumption.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not leave unattended.
Burn in well ventilated area.