Lucky Green Money Rice
Lucky Green Money Rice

Lucky Green Money Rice

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Lucky Green Money Rice is a traditional Hoodoo/Conjure formula designed to invite financial prosperity, good luck, abundance, employment, promotions, customers, clients and all manner of monetary success. It can be used in mojo bags, in your wallet, cash register, money altar, mailbox, charm bags, petition work and candle magic to draw money and success to you.

Place a dish of the rice by your front door, phone or computer to draw money, more business and success to you. Place it under the doormat to invite prosperity to your front door. If you run a physical business, a great place to pop this is under the mat to keep customers coming across your threshold.

It is made with botanicals and oils corresponding to money; it also has shredded representative $100 notes throughout it to empower the rice with money energy (and a little bit of gold and green glitter to bring in that financial sparkle).

*Keep out of reach of children, this is not for internal consumption nor keep near where animals can get to it*

Made with all natural ingredients - no fillers.

Comes in a 50ml hexagonal jar

As per Australian Law, I must state that items are sold as curios only – results are not guaranteed.