Practical Witchery Sabbat Box *Pre-Order*

Practical Witchery Sabbat Box *Pre-Order*

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*Practical Witchery Beltane Sabbat Box*

Beltane - or Bealtaine (Irish)/Beltuinn/Bealltain (Scots) and May Day in Britain is a fire festival to signify the beginning of Summer. This was a time when bonfires were lit to invoke protection, where farmers would drive their cattle through the bonfires to bless them and protect them. It is the directionally opposite holiday to Samhain and as such spirit work and divination is also practiced on this Sabbat. 

The Practical Witchery Sabbat Box has been curated to help build and celebrate your Sabbat practice. Some items you might find in the box are incense, oils, witches salves, featured herb, amulet, gemstone and more.... each box will be different and contain items to assist you on your witchcraft journey creating a series of boxes that will encourage practical witchery and continued growth.

*October 12th ship date