Practical Witchery Sabbat Box - Beltaine

Practical Witchery Sabbat Box - Beltaine

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Shipping: 9th October

Beltaine is a cross quarter fire festival celebrated throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland; traditionally it was celebrated during the peak time of growth, fertility and greening during the half way point of spring and summer. Everything during this time is lush, green, growing and full of fertile energy and so our ancestors would take advantage of this in order to encourage fertility, growth and things coming in to their own lives. Bonfires would be lit, couples would dance, feast and be merry whilst enjoying the freedom of each other’s company.

This box will help connect you to your inner abilities and energy; this box has been carefully curated to help start you on the path with quality items for your ritual practice. Some items you might find in the box are incense, oils, witches salves, featured herb, amulet, gemstone and more.... each box will be different and contain items to assist you on your witchcraft journey creating a series of boxes that will encourage practical witchery and continued growth.

*Please pay for any other items separately to the box because the shipping price will vary and you run the risk of the rest of your order not being sent out until the box is.