*Pre-Order* Practical Witchery Box

*Pre-Order* Practical Witchery Box

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Box #13 - Reverse & Banish Witchery

Reversing and banishing witchcraft is an important part of your practice - sometimes when protection magic doesn't do the whole trick, we need to add a little more fire power. While some consider reversal magic and banishing "grey" or "black" it is simply another tool to have in your skillset that allows you to better protect yourself while making sure those who harm you and yours feel the sting of their own actions.

This box will help connect you to your inner abilities and energy; this box has been carefully curated to help start you on the path with quality items for your ritual practice. Some items you might find in the box are incense, oils, witches salves, featured herb, amulet, gemstone and more.... each box will be different and contain items to assist you on your witchcraft journey creating a series of boxes that will encourage practical witchery and continued growth.

Shipping: June 20th (the date has been pushed back a few days as  I have experienced ill health and so I am a bit rundown).

*Please pay for any other items separately to the box because the shipping price will vary and you run the risk of the rest of your order not being sent out until the box is.

If you are curious about what kinds of things come in the boxes, one of my wonderful subscribers has a YouTube channel with unboxings HERE.