Protection Oil 10ml
Protection Oil 10ml

Protection Oil 10ml

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We all need that little bit of extra protection and oomph; whether it's from outside influences, during magical rites or simply to turn away any unwanted or negative energy focused our way. It builds barriers so that those who wish you harm cannot intrude and cannot get past your defenses. It can also turn away cross conditions and negative magic worked against you.

My Protection oil was crafted for maximum potency been made with certified organic and wildcrafted herbs and pure essential oil, perfect for your magical workings. It can be used to anoint the self, charms, sigils, candles and more.

My oils are crafted by empowering each ingredient as it is placed in the oil then the entire finished product is consecrated. As they are bottled, I add botanicals and essential oils to further infuse and power the oil - a reflection of my practice as both witch and rootworker.

Before using on yourself please do a patch test to make sure you are not allergic to any of the herbs or oils in the finished product.

Not for internal use.

The oil will come with an information sheet on how to use intention/conjure oils.

As per Australian Law I must state that this item is a curio only and I make no guarantee of efficacy.