Purple Beeswax Pillar

Purple Beeswax Pillar

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Purple is a power colour; it is a colour of Spirit, of personal power, of outward power. It was once associated with royalty and ambition so it is great when you are seeking success or moving upward in life or your career. Purple is also connected to the Divine, to Spirit, to the magical and sacred. It is most often used to work with psychic ability, the third eye and divination rites as well as working on hidden knowledge and adding a boost to your spiritual power. It’s also a wonderful colour for protection, healing and relates to the Crown chakra.

The beeswax pillars are handcrafted using locally sourced beeswax The candles measure 14.5cm long, are 3.7cm in diameter and have a burn time of approximately 12 - 14hrs.

Always make sure you never leave your candles unattended.

Please allow for some flaws in the candles as they are handmade by me so will not be as perfect as they would be from a factory. All candles are made to order and take 24hrs to cure.

Colour may vary from picture slightly.