Samhain Sabbat Box

Samhain Sabbat Box

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Practical Witchery Samhain Sabbat Box

Ship Date: April 5th

Samhain is known by many names; Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, Hallowmass, Samhuinn and the Feast of the Dead; it is a Gaelic holiday that was celebrated throughout Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Mann. The British Isles, Brittany and Wales also had their own versions of Samhain and celebrations of harvest and the Dead but they were not considered to be part of the four main Fire Festivals of the Gaelic
people. Samhain is the last of the Fire Festivals of the traditional Celtic year and as such, Samhain is a good time to let go of things, leave them in the past and begin anew.

The Practical Witchery Sabbat Box has been curated to help build and celebrate your Sabbat practice. Some items you might find in the box are incense, oils, witches salves, featured herb, amulet, gemstone and more.... each box will be different and contain items to assist you on your witchcraft journey creating a series of boxes that will encourage practical witchery and continued growth.

Please pay for any other items separately to the box because the shipping price will vary and you run the risk of the rest of your order not being sent out until the box is.