Spirit of the Trees Loose Incense

Spirit of the Trees Loose Incense

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Spirit of the Trees Incense

Handcrafted with certified organic and wildcrafted herbs, this woodsy incense is perfect for working with Tree Magic or Tree Spirits. Trees are the original Sentinels, strong, wise and full of magic. This blend has been created using the leaves, flowers and barks of sacred trees to enhance our connection to the Wild Spaces and to work with the energy of tree magic.

How to light charcoal: Place charcoal in a pair of tongs (I find tea tongs work very well) and light, hold the lighter or match flame on the disc until it sparks. Leave it in a heatproof container for 5 minutes or so, once it begins to glow red and turn grey, it’s ready to be used. Sprinkle small amounts of your incense on the disc at a time.

My incenses are made with all natural ingredients (herbs, flowers, roots and resins), most of the time the ingredients are either wildcrafted or certified organic. I use no fillers or bulking agents, my incenses are purely plant material. A note on using loose herbal incense – the way it smells when you first open it, may not be the way it smells when you burn it, heat changes the way herbs present their scent.

Approx 13-15gm

As per Australian Law I must state item is a curio only; results are not guaranteed.