Uncrossing Oil
Uncrossing Oil

Uncrossing Oil

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Uncrossing oil is the type of oil that is generally a staple oil in any worker’s apothecary; it’s there to clear away negativity, break curses, hexes and jinxes and to drive away evil as well as undo crossed conditions and reverse negative spells or workings against you. Uncrossing oil is a shield of sorts that deflects, reflects and protects, it makes sure that you are protected from negative workings, energy attachments that can drain or from the evil eye. This oil can also reverse bad luck and change it to good, bring in good fortune and perform spiritual house cleansings.

My oils are crafted by empowering each ingredient as it is placed in the oil then the entire finished product is consecrated through words and then placed on my altar for several days. As they are bottled, I add botanicals and essential oils to further infuse and power the oil - a reflection of my practice as both witch and rootworker.

Before using on yourself please do a patch test to make sure you are not allergic to any of the herbs or oils in the finished product.

Not for internal use.

The oil will come with an information sheet on how to use intention/conjure oils.