Working tjhe Witch’s Jar Prosperity Kit

Working tjhe Witch’s Jar Prosperity Kit

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The Witch’s jar has a long and well documented history throughout the world. It was originally a piece of magic intended to trap malefic magic sent to the occupants of a home – and that is why they often find witch’s bottles in walls, floors and fireplaces. These days witches tend to use jars for a myriad of reasons; the idea is that the spell is sealed within the jar, allowing the magic to become concentrated and keep it from escaping. A popular method of jar working is the ‘Honey Jar’ or sweetening jar. A honey jar is a traditional hoodoo/conjure working that involves writing a petition, placing this within the jar with the sweetener of your choice and working that jar to achieve your aims. The jar can be as elaborate or simple as you like; some practitioners add herbs to the jar of honey, others keep it quite plain.

This kit is designed to function as either a simple witch’s bottle jar spell or can be modified to become a sweetening jar. It includes a double sided parchment page – on one side is a bit of information on working the witch’s jar, the other a simple 7 day prosperity spell.


1 x Handmade beeswax pillar candle (14cm x 3.5cm – approx 15hr burn time)
1 x 10ml Money Come to Me oil
3 x Herbs for prosperity
1 x 150ml jar
1 x Printed parchment page