Yellow Poppet Kit

Yellow Poppet Kit

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In witchcraft and folk magic a poppet is a piece of sympathetic magic made into a doll or likeness of a doll that represents a physical person in order to work magic for or against them or to aid them magically. The idea is that “like affects like” so the poppet becomes the vessel for you to affect yourself or another individual. Poppets can most definitely be used for malefic works, they are also fantastic tools for healing, protection, love, luck, wealth and all manner of workings.

This gorgeous handmade cotton poppet could be used in solar magic, confidence, happiness and success workings. Anoint with ‘Crown of Success’ or ‘Van Van’ oil to add extra power to your workings. It could become a Spirit Doll and house a Spirit that you like working with – the possibilities are endless.

The poppet comes with a double sided parchment page perfect for a Grimoire or Book of Shadows. It has interesting facts about poppets, some correspondences and a short ritual to activate your poppet.


1 x 18cm Yellow Poppet
1 x Vial of Sunstone chips
1 x 10cm ritual candle
1 x Incense Stick
1 x Petition Paper
1 x Printed parchment page